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Map of the Month

Posted by Ajay Chauhan at Apr 05, 2018 09:00 AM |

by Nick Mann

india atlas.jpg

india atlas-panoa.jpgFor this month’s map I have found a lovely sheet which originally was part of the Atlas of India. It covers the area of Pakistan north of the Sindh province just around the area of Khairpur with the River Indus running through the top left.  It is an original 1874 map with the survey general named as Sir Henry Edward Landor Thuillier.  There are additions / corrections added in 1895 and these still can be seen on the sheet.  There is a nice colour wash added to the map and would have cost an extra two Annas, the map itself was only 12 Annas. The sheet was requested by a student who wanted to use it as part of their coursework.

Another fascinating fact about Sir Henry Thuillier was not only was he the surveyor general for India at the time but he was responsible for printing the first stamp of India in 1874.

Another quirky observation is that the "Taluka Panoa" area (top right) has the lettering upside down on the sheet, the reason for this unusual typography is unclear (See the enlarged section).